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Hijama Therapy for Olympians

Olympians generally suffer from muscles strain, inflammation, and all sorts of injuries. These are conditions that if not taken care of early enough can lead to severe consequences. It is recommended that athletes get full body therapy every once in a while. Hijama therapy is one of the best treatments available today for all types of athletes.

In Hijama therapy, cups made of bamboo, earthenware, or glass are placed on the body to create a suction effect. Blood collected in the suction part is removed to pave way for fresh, clean blood to flow into the affected region.

Hijama Benefits for Athletes

This cupping therapy is essential for all athletes who undergo intense exercises.

Here are some of the key benefits of Hijama therapy:

Increases Blood Supply

When the suction cups are placed in a certain part of the body they lift up the muscles from the bone allowing lymph fluids and blood to flow in. When blood circulates freely, the healing process of the entire body is significantly enhanced. For Olympians, this is an important process because their bodies need a good flow of oxygenated blood to boost energy and performance.

Stretches Body Muscles

After a long exercise, the muscles of an athlete will tighten due to the strain that they have been subjected to. This will cause pain in a particular part of the body. When cupping therapy is done on that specific part, it massages the tissues and relieves pain. The muscles will relax and relieve pain in the process.

Accelerates the Healing Process

A vigorous training session may leave an athlete with a twisted arm, tight muscles, a physical injury or any other complication. The healing process normally takes a long time, which is a major obstacle to the athlete’s training. With Hijama therapy, chemical toxins are broken down to improve the healing process and promote faster recovery.

Helps to Reduce Pain

Most over-the-counter painkillers are addictive and may contain stimulants which are banned in the athletics world. These stimulants or steroids can cause more harm than good to the athlete’s career. With Hijama therapy, the muscles are massaged to soothe pain without exposing the athlete to banned substances.

Hijama therapy is an important treatment for all Olympians. Our professional, well-trained, and skilled Hijama practitioners are properly equipped to perform the best cupping therapy today. Click Here to book an appointment with us.

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