Dedicated to hope, healing and recovery

Arifiah Ariffin is Hijama Singapore’s senior Hijama practitioner and founder of Hijama Spa. Hijama Spa was launched for the sole purpose of creating a health practice that combines traditional physical therapy with techniques and principles of spa therapy.

Arifiah Ariffin has more than 3 years of experience in clinical Hijama and is a strong believer in the philosophy of treating people first and foremost as human beings rather than individual parts. Her work focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease and ill health conditions.

Arifiah is a certified Hijama practitioner and a graduate of Persatuan Perubatan Islam Hijamah Malaysia and Hijama Singapore. She holds a certificate in Hijama therapy and is a recognized expert in out-patient cupping therapy and sports rehabilitation.

Arifiah has been a senior Hijama practitioner at Hijama Singapore since 2015. She later founded the Hijama Spa in Singapore in 2018. Arifiah is also a faculty member at the Hijama Foundation and teaches Hijama therapy and assists in training other courses.

Professional Achievements
Arifiah is a coordinator for Hijama Therapy courses and Clinical Education in Singapore and Asia where she oversees volunteer aid and internship programs for graduate students. She is also a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

Therapist Qualifications
  Member of Hijama Foundation
  Professional Certificate in Hijamah Therapy
 Registered Certified Hijama Practitioner