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Hijama & Massage Courses

Hijama Singapore aims to collaborate with other Hijama foundations and organization across the world to provide comprehensive and practical Hijama therapy education in Singapore and the rest of the world.

Our Hijama cupping and massage therapy courses are available in both basic and advanced levels. We provide complementary and practical alternative medicine therapy courses including massage therapy and cupping treatment. Our courses are also available online via the Internet.

What You Will Learn

At Hijama Singapore, we provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in basic and advanced alternative medicine practices including Hijama cupping therapy and different types of massage therapy.

Our course takes you by hand to teach you both theoretical and practical aspects of alternative medicine. We teach you how you can use your knowledge to treat numerous conditions or even run your own Hijama cupping and massage business. You will learn what cupping or massage therapy is, different types of cupping and massage therapies, Hijama benefits, and how you can use these alternative medicine practices to restore health and fitness in your family or clients. These are fully comprehensive online courses delivered by qualified tutors and practitioners. Learn how to become a Hijama expert at your own pace.

Our mission is to spread Hijama awareness throughout the world by making our courses as affordable as possible. Once you complete the basic course you can move on to advanced courses and become a fully qualified practitioner. Contact us today to learn more about our courses.