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Hijama therapy | The Best Treatment in the World | Hijama Singapore

Hijama : The Best Treatment in the World

Hijamah Therapy with the help of disposable plastic cups and suction brings up toxins and stagnated blood from underlying tissue, interstitial fluid and capillary beds to the surface of the skin, where the biochemical waste comes out through the superficial incisions of the epidermis and dermis. Hijama induces a better local blood flow (hyperemia), a better blood flow generates heat, and heat removes tension.

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Hijama | Hijama Therapy for Olympians | Hijama Singapore

Hijama Therapy for Olympians

Olympians generally suffer from muscles strain, inflammation, and all sorts of injuries. These are conditions that if not taken care of early enough can lead to severe consequences. It is recommended that athletes get full body therapy every once in a while. Hijama therapy is one of the best treatments available today for all types of athletes.

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